New at Job Market Finland: You can add more information to your job posting than before


In addition to general improvements, we have added features to Job Market Finland that allow you to make job postings even more comprehensive.

Mandatory information about the working language of a job has been added to postings on at Job Market Finland. You will be asked to indicate the working language, i.e. the language used at your workplace. The working language has been included in job postings especially for international employees, so that it is easier for them to find job opportunities that match their language skills. In addition to this, you can describe the language requirements related to the job in more detail in the job posting. Later, you will also be able to search for jobs with a specific working language in the Open jobs -section.

You can now add a business description to the job posting in several languages, while previously it was only possible to add it in Finnish. This also enables better international recruitment.

From now on, the main profession must be added to job postings. If the posting has only one job title, it is automatically selected for the form. The information is only stored for statistical purposes.

In the recruitment contact information section, the possibility to tell the first name and last name has been added. In addition to this, you can now add several contact details to a job posting.

We have also made usability improvements to the job applicant profile and fixed the problems that have been detected.

Log in to Job Market Finland and familiarise yourself with these changes!