New at Job Market Finland: you can now order an alert on new jobs to your email and search for jobs based on working language


We have added new search conditions and a Job Alert to the Job Market Finland job listing, which make it easier to find a suitable job. In addition to this, we have made various technical repairs to Job Market Finland.


We have improved the functionality of Job Market Finland and made Job Alerts available. You can now select the search criteria you want in the job search and order a notification of new jobs conveniently to your email.

The Job Alert will send you an email when a job opening matching your application criteria is published at Job Market Finland. You can decide yourself how often the email is sent to you. An email will only be sent if new jobs matching your search criteria have been published. The Job Alert is valid for three months, and you can cancel it if you want using the link provided in the email. Ordering Job Alerts does not require logging into Job Market Finland.

We also developed the search criteria for job postings. You can now limit your search for jobs according to, among other things, the working language.

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We have also made technical corrections to Job Market Finland, for example, to the information content of job postings, and in addition, the publication of the job applicant profile has been made easier.

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