Text to speech voices Ilona and Amanda

At Työmarkkinatori, you can find natural text to speech voices, Ilona and Amanda, with which you can listen to most of the content pages of Job Market Finland. Ilona and Amanda were produced by the software company a.i.mater, which specializes in artificial intelligence-based speech technology solutions.

Modern text to speech voices pause and emphasize speech in a human-like way, making speech sound more natural.

You can listen to the contents of Job Market Finland in Finnish, Swedish, and English. Texts in Finnish are read by the computer voice Ilona and in Finland Swedish by the computer voice Amanda. The English text to speech voice has also been produced by a.i.mater.

You can start and stop listening with the Listen button found on the pages. The location of the button will be unified with Job Market Finland’s chat bot and chat in early 2023.

The functionality improves the accessibility of Job Market Finland, although it does not replace, for example, the screen reading devices used by the visually impaired.