Quality requirements for job postings

The quality of the published job postings affects the users’ service experience and image of Job Market Finland. This is why it is important to describe the vacancy as reliably and clearly as possible. When creating a job posting, it is essential to pay attention to equality and non-discrimination between job seekers and make sure that the competence requirements for the task are realistic.

In a job posting, the equal treatment of job seekers means that discrimination is prohibited on the basis of, for example, age, ethnic or national origin, nationality, language (Non-discrimination Act 1325/2014) or gender (Equality Act 609/1986). Also requesting an applicant's photograph in a job posting is considered discrimination if there is no distinct, work-related reason for doing so. Valid grounds for requesting a photograph are deemed to exist if the job involves modelling, acting, or other similar tasks.

A job posting may only include specific information related to the job in question. It may not include, for example, recruitment or programme fees for getting the job, marketing materials, or sales advertisements. At Job Market Finland, you can draw up a separate marketing description for your organisation, which is displayed with your job posting.

At Job Market Finland, you are allowed to publish job postings for jobs that involve paying a salary to the job seeker. In addition to this, entrepreneurial and commission-based vacancies may also be advertised at Job Market Finland. Job Market Finland is not, however, the place for advertisements concerning au pair positions in Finland or abroad or voluntary work positions, or for marketing/sales advertisements for office spaces.

The person advertising the job holds primary responsibility for the content of the advertisement and for ensuring that the provided information is correct. Users can submit a report via Job Market Finland if they feel that a job posting is inappropriate or in violation of the law. The administrators of Job Market Finland have the right to remove any job postings that are clearly in breach of the terms of use.