Communications instructions for Job Market partners

Job Market Finland on the partner's website

Depending on the depth of cooperation, Job Market Finland can be included on a partner's website in one of two ways.

Without joining the network

You can mention our cooperation on your website when, for example, you participate in the activities of a cooperation group, organise events together with Job Market Finland or otherwise engage in informal cooperation. In these cases, you can mention for example: "We participate in Job Market Finland cooperation".

After joining the network

After you have accepted the terms of joining Job Market Finland, you can say that you belong to the Job Market Finland cooperation network. Then, you can use the partner logo on your website to signify our cooperation. If you want to add a mention without the logo, you can say for example: "We are part of the Job Market Finland cooperation network".

Job Market Finland in partner communications and marketing

As a partner, you can share information to your customers and your interest groups about Job Market Finland, your role there and the services that you may offer at Job Market Finland. In our communications, we at Job Market Finalnd are also eager to share news about our partners’ activities related to Job Market Finland.

The nature of the cooperation and the parties involved must be communicated clearly and truthfully.

  • As a partner, you are in cooperation with Job Market Finland, the TE-Digi project and the KEHA Centre.
  • Partnership with Job Market Finland does not entail cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment or TE Services.
  • Your communications and marketing may not give any impression that you are offering your own services authorised by Job Market Finland.

Communications in social media

At the moment, social media updates by Job Market Finland can be followed in

You are welcome to share our social media content and information about Job Market Finland on your social media channels. Please use the #JobMarketFinland hashtag in the updates. We at Job Market Finland are also happy to share content related to our partners’ topics.

On the Job Market Finland blog, we also publish texts written by our partners.

Communications and marketing materials

To support communications concerning Job Market Finland and cooperation, we offer a lot of prepared material, such as images, brochures, prepared texts, and customisable background texts. Later, we will include all the basic materials to Job Market Finland where they can be freely downloaded by our partners. If you are interested, you can request the materials by contacting tyomarkkinatori.keha(at)