You can combine working and receiving a pension, and you can choose to work even after reaching retirement age


It is possible for you to receive a partial early old-age pension even before your actual retirement age, in which case you can work part-time. It is also possible to work after the actual retirement age.

You can receive a partial early old-age pension if you have turned 61. While receiving the pension, you can work without restrictions, and you do not have to report your earnings to the pension institution.

If you have already reached retirement age, you are not obliged to resign from your job. According to labour legislation, age also cannot be used as a justification for weakening the terms of employment or terminating an employee.

At Job Market Finland, you can find information about combining work and receiving a pension and about working after the actual retirement age. In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has new content in its online service, which provides information about the employment relationship of pensioners.

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