Finland Works online recruitment event in October


At the Finland Works recruitment event on October 5, 2022, from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., employers operating in Finland who offer English-language jobs and job seekers interested in these opportunities from both Finland and abroad will be able to meet online. Participating in the event is easy, and the event platform enables meetings from your own device across borders.

Finland works 102022

The popularity of Finland Works online events is constantly growing. At the last event held in February 2022, there were more than 400 open positions from Finland and more than 2,000 registered job seekers from Europe and outside Europe participated.

For employers, Finland Works offers an excellent opportunity to market open jobs abroad. As an employer, you should register immediately and publish jobs on the platform. Based on your job posting, the system searches for job seekers suitable for your job. You can see the profiles of job seekers interested in your company and you can schedule interviews with them well in advance, in addition to the day of the event October 5, 2022, for the next two days (October 6-7, 2022).

As a job seeker, you create a job applicant profile and publish your CV on the event platform. You can apply for jobs found at the event and get in touch with employers. This way they also get to know you better. In addition to this, on the day of the event, you can talk to different employers and get advice from the information desks. You can find comprehensive industry-specific information at the participating trade fair stands. During the day, you can follow the event's interesting interviews and inserts.

The event is in English and free of charge and is organized by the European Job Mobility Portal EURES.

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