With the Abilitator you can assess your work ability and functioning and discover your strengths


The Abilitator, which has been implemented in cooperation with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, is now available at Job Market Finland.


The Abilitator is an online survey that helps you gain information about your ability to work and function. You can also find out your key strengths and possible development areas. The Abilitator is intended for all people of working age.

Using the Abilitator is easy. In the survey, you answer multiple-choice questions regarding, among other things, well-being, skills, and participation in working life. You can answer the survey either independently or together with another person, for example a friend or family member.

When you have completed the survey, the Abilitator will provide personal feedback and, if necessary, suggest further measures to maintain or improve your well-being. If you fill out the Abilitator again later, it will show the changes in your work ability and functioning and help you monitor your situation.

The Abilitator is available at Job Market Finland in English, Finnish, and Swedish.

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