What should be considered when employing someone with partial working ability?


When you hire an employee with partial working ability, this helps your company carry its social responsibility and increases the diversity of your workplace, which is an asset and a competitive advantage. At its best, diversity promotes the decision-making ability of the entire work community and supports all employees


There are at least three ways to employ someone with partial working ability:

  • You can hire employees with partial working ability to carry out your business.
  • You can promote the employment of people with partial working ability by offering them employment services that prepare them for working life, the goal of which is the person's transition to the next job and permanent commitment to working life.
  • You can both hire employees with partial working ability and train them for the next job.

When a new employee starts their job, familiarisation is key. It also requires the supervisor to be able to identify a possible need for outside help. This can be, for example, support provided by occupational health services.

It is also useful for the supervisor to get to know the models of working ability support and ways to adapt work.

  • In the working ability support model, you describe the ways in which your company operates when an employee accumulates sick leave or their working ability decreases.
  • Adapting work may include, for example, tailoring work tasks to suit the employee's ability to work, changes to the work environment, or acquiring aids.

You can find out more about hiring a person with partial working ability, maintaining working ability, and adjusting work at Job Market Finland:

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