Are you hiring a summer worker? Familiarise yourself with employee and employer rights and responsibilities


When summer work begins, you agree on the rights and obligations of the employee and the employer in the employment contract. At Job Market Finland, you can find out what kind of things need to be considered.

If you are hiring a summer employee, you must agree with them on the job duties, working hours, salary, and any other benefits and terms. When the employee you hire is under the age of 18, you also have a few additional responsibilities as an employer. Particular attention must be paid, for example, to orientation and the suitability of the job in relation to the employee's age.

According to the law, only work that is not unreasonably burdensome in relation to their age and does not interfere with their school attendance may be carried out by the young person. The involvement of young people in certain jobs and work tasks is either limited or forbidden entirely.

If you are hiring an employee under 15 years of age, their guardian must also accept the employment relationship.

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