New at Job Market Finland: The Sinuna authentication service opens the features of Job Market Finland to professionals actively seeking work in Finland


We have added an alternative authentication method to Job Market Finland for those who cannot use identification.

As a rule, you can identify yourself to Job Market Finland using the national identification. If the user is a citizen of an EU country other than Finland, they use eIDAS identification as the primary identification method, which can also be accessed through identification. However, there are such users, for example professionals actively seeking to work in Finland, for whom strong identification is not possible.

When skilled workers who aspire to work in Finland from abroad use the Sinuna authentication at Job Market Finland, they can create a job applicant profile and take advantage of Job Market Finland’s artificial intelligence-based matchmaking functions. In this way, Job Market Finland’s capabilities promote even better the immigration of skilled workers and support international recruitment.

Authentication using the Sinuna service is based on a user ID and a one-time use code sent to email. The protection of the user's privacy is also guaranteed, as Sinuna does not collect or pass on additional information about the user. The service is provided by the non-profit Finnish Authentication Cooperative.

The Sinuna authentication is intended at Job Market Finland for those who do not have the possibility of a strong identification. You cannot use official services or report a household job through Sinuna authentication. Employer services can only be accessed through strong identification in the future as well.

Identification at Job Market Finland