Creating a job posting for international recruitment

When you create your job posting in English, the number of potential applicants increases. These simple instructions help you attract skilled employees to your open positions around the world.

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If proficiency in a language other than Finnish or Swedish is sufficient for the open position, you should create the job posting in English. Select English as the language of the job posting and write the job posting in English. Remember to also select English as the working language. Both the language of the job posting and the working language are selected at the beginning of the form. When you create the job posting in English, you will get the best possible visibility for the position both among international job seekers already living in Finland and talents living abroad.

In general, the recommendations for job postings in Finnish also apply to English job postings for international employees. In the job posting, it is advisable to give detailed information about the content of the position, the competence required for the position and what you offer to an employee as an employer. When attracting talent from abroad to Finland, you should also tell slightly more about the organisation and give a general description of the area where the workplace is located. You can use various marketing materials that present Finland when creating a job posting. They are publicly available on the Finland Toolbox website.


Contact information for International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers

If you need help in creating a job posting for international recruitment, you can contact Work in Finland’s advice service for employers. The service is open from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 15:00. Call +358 295 016 770 to use the telephone service or to request a call-back. You can also send an email to


Would you like to receive proposals directly from jobseekers who are suitable for your vacancy? At Job Market Finland, you can create a job posting and receive applications from jobseekers who meet the needs of your workplace. Jobseeker users can also find your job postings when browsing for vacancies or job recommendations.

To create a job posting on Job Market Finland, follow the instructions below.  

  1. Log in to Job Market Finland just as you would log in as an individual client. We want to take special care of your privacy and personal data, so you’ll log in using your online banking ID or mobile certificate.
  2. We’ll ask for some basic information, such as your email address. You can also choose whether you want to receive emails about the development of Job Market Finland.
  3. To create a job posting, you must change your role to company representative. You can do this by clicking the purple button at the top of the page that shows your name or the name of the company you represent. If the company you want does not appear in the role selection list, check if you have the necessary authority to represent the company. More information on the page "Job Market Finland and Authorisations".
  1. Once you have selected the correct role, you can start completing the job posting from "Create a new job posting” on the opened "Job postings" page. Fill in at least the mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk on the form.
    • On the "Language selection" tab you select the languages in which you want to submit the job posting. This is different from what languages a candidate needs to know for the job.
    • On the "Description" tab, you enter the job description. Describe the type of position in detail. Write a concise heading that will appear in a job search.
    • On the "Keywords" tab, select the keywords associated with the job. These will be suggested to you based on the content you entered in the "Description" tab. You can also add other keywords from a comprehensive list.
    • On the "Skills requirements" tab you can list the skills required in the position. These limit the list of recommended job seekers.
    • The "Detailed information" tab allows you to provide other information related to the position. This information is used, for example, in job search and browsing filters.
    • On the "Search Instructions" tab you can indicate how long applications will be accepted for the job and add a link to a separate application form. If you wish, your job can also be transferred to the job search service at

The keywords vocabulary is based on a Europe-wide occupation and competence ontology that unfortunately does not contain all of Finland's well-known professions or related competences. Do not allow this to prevent you creating a job posting, but select job titles and competence terminology that are as suitable as possible. You can read these titles and terminology on the ESCO professional terminology website.

  1. Once you have entered all the mandatory information for a job posting, you can preview it and publish it. Your job can then be found on the Job Market Finland's job search and becomes a 'Recommended job' for those jobseekers who have completed their profile and whose skills and experience correspond to the requirements of your workplace.
  2. You will receive proposals for jobseekers suitable for your workplace who have published their profile on the Job Market Finland. If you find an interesting profile, you can contact the jobseeker directly through the Job Market Finland. You can read more about matching on the page "How the matching works".
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Functions related to business activities require a person to have a specific role in the company or community. If you are not in such a role but want to use the Job Market Finland, you need e-Authorizations.

Please select your situation below and check what authorisation you need. Below you can also find instructions for obtaining authorisation. Job Market Finland is not part of the authorisation process; it is a function between the authorising company and the authorised person in

Removing an authorisation

Please remember that the authorisation must be removed separately if, for example, the person you have authorised changes jobs and you no longer want them to represent your organisation in Job Market Finland. You can remove the authorisation in the e-Authorisations service.

Personal customer

As a private customer, you do not need a separate authorisation for Job Market Finland. However, you must be able to log in to the service using e-Identification. For this, you will need either a Finnish on-line banking ID, a mobile certificate or an identity card with a chip.

Company or association with a Business ID

You do not need separate authorisation to use Job Market Finland. You can use all the facilities of our service on behalf of your company.

If you wish, you can give another person authorisation to represent your company at the Job Market Finland. There are four different types of authorisation and they are intended for different functions - you can give a company representative full authorisation or limit a person's authority at the Job Market Finland. Authorisations are given through the e-Authorizations service. You will find the instructions below.

A person entitled to sign for a company must give you authorisation to use the Job Market Finland.

  1. Go to the authorisation service: Authorisation (
  2. Identify yourself with your personal online banking ID, mobile certificate, or certificate card.
  3. Select "Company's mandates"
  4. Select the company of your choosing from the list. Continue with the "Select and go to the e-service" button.
  5. Click "Grant mandates" and select the mandate type. Continue to the next pages with the “Next” button at the bottom right of the page.
  6. Select "Add a person". Enter the personal information of the person to be authorised and select "Add".
  7. Select the desired mandate themes. The authorisations of Job Market Finland are "Management of job advertisements", "Examination of jobseeker information and contacting applicants" and "Updating the description of job provider".
  • An authorised person with the "Management of job advertisements" authorisation can edit, publish, and delete job postings.
  • An authorised person with the "Examination of jobseeker information and contacting applicants" authorisation can contact job seekers who have published a job applicant profile
  • With the "Updating the description of job provider" authorisation, an authorised person can edit the general description of the employer, which will be displayed on all job postings.
  1. Select an expiration date in the "Validity" section.
  2. Finally, select "Validate".

The Enterprise Finland telephone service provides advice on authorisation.

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