Career counselling

Career counselling is a service that offers you personal, free-of-charge and confidential psychologist's services during different changes in your career. Career counselling is available at TE Offices, local government pilots on employment, and nationwide by phone or video call.

National career counselling

Career councelling is available only with an appointment. The service is provided in Finnish.

You can book an appointment for career councelling by phone or video from the electronic calendar, where you can find available times. If no appointments are available, check the situation again later. Please also check the technical requirements for video guidance before booking an appointment.

What does career counselling offer?

The starting points of the guidance are your own wishes, goals, qualifications, and the opportunities that different fields of work offer. Initially, a psychologist will interview you. After that, different perspectives on your situation will be considered. The psychologist will not make decisions for you or present you with a list of suitable occupations. They will instead help you find different options for working life. If necessary, the psychologist's guidance includes intermediate tasks to help you figure out your strengths, interests, goals, and personality traits.

Career guidance is individual, free of charge, and confidential. Often just one guidance discussion helps to move forward. If necessary, it is possible for you to have these discussions with a phychologist by phone or in Teams for about three times.

Local services

Career counselling is also available at local TE Offices and at the municipalities of local government pilots. If you are changing your career due to health issues, career counselling will primarily be provided by the pension provider or KELA.

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