Education and training guidance

Nationwide guidance on matters related to studies and studying Monday to Friday 9 am to 4.15. pm.

0295 020 713

Welcome to contact the telephone service for personal customers. We provide information in English on following matters:

  • Services offered by the TE Office
  • Employment benefit
  • Education
  • Online services (E-services of TE Services)
  • Integration matters
  • General information on residence permits based on work

Examples on questions you can ask:

  • I am about to become unemployed, what should I do?
  • Is it possible to receive unemployment benefits while running a business?
  • How can I finance my studies?
  • How do I use the online services?

Recruitment, interpreting and translation services are not part of our services. 

Calls will be answered in chronological order. If the lines are busy, you may either queue or if you call between 9 am and 2 pm you may be offered the possibility to leave us a call back request. If you leave a call back request, we will try to reach you once during the same day by calling from a 0295-number, usually within one hour time. 

If you are given the possibility to leave a call back request, we advise you to choose this option. When you call us, you will always be given up-to-date information about the current situation in our telephone services and also instructions how to proceed.

If possible, please use our online services. In order to report changes in your job search, click on the E-services of TE-services button on the front page of our webpage. The online service and the chat within it is provided in Finnish and Swedish only.

If you are a customer of a local government pilot on employment, the TE Office’s telephone services are also available to you.

Contact us on the web

You can use the form to contact the advisers. The service is provided in Finnish.