Guidance for personal customers

From the personal customer's general counseling service, you can get help with topics related to employment, handling matters with TE Services, the use of online services, and, if necessary, get follow-up guidance on other services suitable for you.

0295 020 713

The telephone service is open from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4.15 pm. The price of the phone call depends on your operator contract (cell phone or local network charge). The queue time is also subject to a charge.

Callback requests

Calls will be answered in chronological order. If the lines are busy, you may enter a queue. If you call between 9 am and 2 pm you will be offered the possibility to leave us a callback request, which means an expert will try to reach you once during the same day by calling from a 0295-number. If you are given the possibility to leave a callback request, we advise you to choose this option. When you call us, you will always be given up-to-date information about the current situation in our telephone services and instructions on how to proceed.

Chat service

TE Customer Service Centre’s experts serve you in the chat within the E-services of TE Services from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 3 pm. Currently, the chat service only works in Finnish.

Remember that the E-services of TE Services are available 24/7

You can take care of most of your affairs without queuing in the E-services of TE Services. As a personal customer, you can, among other things, register as a job seeker, change your contact information, provide a clarification, or report a change in your job search situation.

Guidance is available in several languages

The TE Customer Service Centre serves you in different languages. You can easily find Swedish and Finnish language services when you change the language of the website or from the links below. The telephone service is also available in Russian.

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