Cooperation between Reliable Employee service and Job Market Finland makes job seeking easier


Job Market Finland and the Reliable Employee service work together. You can collect information on job searches in the Reliable Employee service and from autumn of 2024 onward allow it to transfer the information to your job applicant profile at Job Market Finland. Job postings on Job Market Finland are also available in the service.

Reliable Employee is a free service that aims to help you find the right jobs and employment-promoting services in your area. It compiles job postings from the most popular employment services in a one-stop-shop and shows you the most relevant ones. When you find an interesting position in the service, you can enter the recruitment system that it was published in. You can apply for some of the jobs directly through the Reliable Employee service. The service also shows whether the company that submitted the job advertisement is considered to be trustworthy.

The job applicant profile in the Reliable Employee service helps you identify and verbalise your competence and to create a digital resume. You can also allow the service to retrieve your information on training, qualifications and orientation from various registers. This makes it easier to create your profile for the service.

Do you already have a job applicant profile in the Reliable Employee service? Starting in the autumn of 2024 you can easily transfer your information to Job Market Finland. However, employers cannot find job seekers in the Reliable Employee service, so it is also a good idea to create a job applicant profile at Job Market Finland. If you want to transfer your profile information to more than one system, you can start creating your profile in the Reliable Employee service and then transfer your information to other job seeker services.

The Reliable Employee service is available in Finnish, Swedish, English, Estonian, Ukrainian, and Russian. You identify and log into the service with a mobile certificate or online banking codes.

The Reliable Employee service brings together job seekers, employers, and services that promote employment and support entrepreneurship

Job seekers often find it challenging to find jobs, employers, and services promoting employment in their own area and sector, as well as services provided by unions and unemployment funds, as these are available in a variety of systems and applications. Job seekers often have to enter their information into various services over and over again.

The Reliable Employee service helps to find services that promote employment and entrepreneurship in different regions and sectors. In addition, it enables you to give consent to provide your information to employers in your area and sector, services promoting employment, training providers, unions, and unemployment funds. With your information and consent, employers, services that promote employment and training providers can contact job seekers directly and provide them with employment, services, and training.

The aim of the Reliable Employee service is to create a service ecosystem that improves the customer experience of employment services and promotes job seekers' employment and competence development. It also aims to improve the vitality and competitiveness of different regions and to help employment authorities create impactful, people-oriented services.

The Reliable Employee service is developed as part of the joint Digital Employment project of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Vastuu Group, the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT and the Finnish Construction Trade Union. From the very beginning, the KEHA Centre and Job Market Finland have been, and will continue to be, involved in the development of the service.

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