TE24 reform: Finland to have 45 employment areas


All future employment areas are now known. On 22 February 2024, the Government made a decision on four employment areas. Decisions concerned the employment areas of Central Ostrobothnia, Ostrobothnia, Tampere and Suupohja.

Finland will have 45 employment areas or municipalities that will be responsible for organising employment services from 1 January 2025. 

Of the total number of municipalities,

  • 39 will organise employment services using the host municipality model,
  • four will organise employment services themselves (Lahti, Kouvola, Helsinki, Vantaa),
  • two will organise employment services using the joint municipal authority model (Employment areas of Suupohja and Kymppi).

What is the aim of the future employment regions

Municipalities and employment regions know their local residents and trade and industry best, so the reform will provide customers with services tailored to their local needs.

The municipalities’ opportunities to develop services to meet the needs of local residents and employers also strengthen the vitality and competitiveness of the regions. This boosts the efficiency of the employment process, as employment services, educational services and business services are the responsibility of the same provider. Regional mobility will also be considered in the reform.

The TE24 reform is part of the Government’s employment measures. The aim is that job seekers find work and that employers find the talent they need. This will strengthen growth and well-being in Finland in a sustainable manner. The reform has been calculated to increase the number of employed people by 7,000–10,000.

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