Find out about applying for reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses electronically


The TE Office or local government pilot may grant compensation for travel and accommodation expenses to an unemployed jobseeker who seeks work and an unemployed individual client who seeks labour market training, coaching, or a try-out, or participates in an expert assessment.

The basis for reimbursement of travel expenses is the distance in kilometres multiplied by €0.21. The part of the travel expenses exceeding €12 shall be reimbursed up to a maximum of €200.  The length of the trip is calculated from the actual place of residence of the claimant.

Compensation is granted for accommodation expenses based on the costs incurred, up to a maximum of €80 per day.

How to apply for reimbursement

Apply for reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs from the TE Office or local government pilot within one month of the end of the trip. The authority may pay the compensation in full or in part in advance.

Apply for reimbursement of the costs primarily using an electronic form in the e-service. Log into the service with your personal banking IDs, a mobile certificate or a certificate card. Complete the application in the service and attach the required documents. The service’s internal instructions will help you fill in the application. In the e-service, you can submit an application, respond to requests for supplementary information concerning the application, supplement your application and receive decisions concerning your case.

If you cannot use the e-service, apply for compensation using the printable form. Submit the form to the TE Office or local government pilot.

The reimbursement granted will be paid automatically to the bank account indicated in the application.

If you have applied for compensation in the e-service, you can supplement the information needed for payment in the e-service if necessary.

You can find more detailed instructions and service channels in the service description.

Reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses caused by job seeking