Job Market Finland’s regional pages in 2023


Job Market Finland’s regional pages saw plenty of reforms and cooperation in 2023. In 2024, we will focus particularly on the TE24 reform.

In April 2023, Job Market Finland’s regional pages took a leap forward as the content and structure of the regional pages were reformed. Finding local information became easier and more versatile. Users were offered an easy way to find vacancies in their own area as well as services related to working life and topical issues. 

The content of the regional pages will be developed in cooperation between the employment and economic development actors in the region. In 2023, the regional pages’ cooperation network expanded, and a lot of new content was added to the pages: news, services and contact information. Among other things, 108 news items were written for the regional pages. 

In 2023, Job Market Finland’s regional pages were visited 402,939 times. There were 340,727 individual visitors. The most popular page was that of North Karelia. It was visited 12,474 times. The most popular municipal page was that of Tampere, which was visited 8329 times. In June, the first theme page was also published in connection with the regional pages of Lapland. The Work in Lapland theme page was visited 2656 times.  

In 2024 

We will prepare for the TE24 reform on the regional pages in 2024. The aim of the legislative reform is for employees to find employment as quickly and smoothly as possible. The purpose of the reform is to transfer TE Services to municipalities and employment regions on 1 January 2025. Together with our cooperation network, we strive to make regional pages a place for the new employment regions to present information as easily as possible, and a place for our customers to find information as easily as possible.

Regional pages are a collectively designed entity by local actors, which is a part of Job Market Finland. The regional pages contain region- and municipality-specific information on local events and employment-related news. You can also search for contact details of operators in your area and services described in the Finnish Service Catalogue.

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