Number of job applicant profiles and content that has interested visitors at Job Market Finland in January


There are 246 595 job applicant profiles of which 19 013 are published. See also which are the most read news and popular pages.

Have you already created yours? Remember that a published job applicant profile needs to be republished every six months.

Job Market Finland's most read news and popular pages last month

The most popular pages and their number of visitors in January were as follows:

  • The rights and responsibilities of unemployed job seekers: 11 562 visits
  • Mandatory waiting period: 6 010 visits
  • Handling official matters and registering as a job seeker: 5 636 visits

The most read news and their number of readers in January were as follows:

  • Apply for summer jobs for 2024 now – check out the opportunities available at Job Market Finland!: 500 readers
  • Job Market Finland developed in 2023: 455 readers
  • Don't forget to publish your job applicant profile: 355 readers

Links to the most read pages and news