Apply for summer jobs for 2024 now – check out the opportunities available at Job Market Finland!


A summer job is an excellent opportunity to gain work experience and earn money. It is a good idea to start applying for summer jobs with an open mind and to apply for various different tasks. In other words, the summer job you are applying for does not necessarily have to be the profession of your dreams, since it is hardly a job for the rest of your life. In addition to the job description in question, you will learn basic skills that will benefit your employment in the future.

The most active summer job seekers have surely noticed that the first summer jobs for 2024 opened for application as early as in December. The rest of the employers will also open their summer jobs for application in January–February, so you should start applying for summer jobs now, if you have not done so already. However, more jobs will open later in the spring, so please do not be discouraged even if you do not find a job at the start of the year.  

You can search for summer jobs using the Job Market Finland search function, for example. In addition to browsing job postings, you should also pay attention to hidden jobs. You can find interesting companies and submit your application even if they do not currently have open positions. You can also ask an interesting employer if they take summer workers under the ‘Earn as You Learn’ model (‘Tutustu työelämään ja tienaa’). The traineeships following this model last two weeks, and trainees are paid a fixed total salary. The model is intended for students in lower and upper secondary schools older than 13.  

Prepare the documents for job search and employment carefully  

It is recommended that you sign an employment contract for each employment relationship you have. A verbal employment contract is also binding, but it is advisable to make the contract in writing. The employment contract must include at least an agreement on the duration of the employment, the working hours, the pay and the job description. After the employment ends, you should ask your employer for a certificate of employment. You can also receive a certificate of an ‘Earn as You Learn’ traineeship.   

As a young jobseeker, you may be wondering what to write in your job application and CV or resume. Even if you do not have much work experience yet, you can highlight the skills and achievements you have acquired in school, hobbies or volunteering. For example, you can talk about your IT skills, organisation or interaction skills, language skills or creativity. Give concrete examples of your strengths whenever possible. You can get help with your job search and many other things from the local One-Stop Guidance Center (Ohjaamo).

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