Sinuna authentication to be deactivated and replaced by another email identification option


Sinuna authentication, intended for skilled workers seeking to work in Finland, will be discontinued by the end of February and replaced by another method of identification. Users’ old job applicant profile information will remain intact.

Logging in to Job Market Finland is done mainly by using the national identification. If the user does not have access to the use e-identification or eIDAS identification, logging in to the service has been available with the Sinuna authentication service. This has particularly applied to experts who actively seek to work in Finland.

The Sinuna service will be discontinued by the end of February, and it will be replaced by another method of identification. If you use the same email in connection with the new identification method, your profile information will remain unchanged.

The new email identification is subject to the same restrictions as Sinuna. With the identification, skilled people aspiring to work in Finland from abroad can therefore create a job applicant profile and take advantage of Job Market Finland’s artificial intelligence-based matching functionality to find jobs. However, these users cannot handle official matters, use employer services, or create job postings for household jobs. The alternative email identification at Job Market Finland will be intended only for those who do not have the possibility to identify themselves through or eIDAS identification.

The change to the new identification service will take place during February. You can keep up to date on when the change is complete through our news feed.

Identification at Job Market Finland