Working in Finland brochure combats exploitation in 24 languages – Seasonal workers’ advisory service operates again this summer


The Working in Finland brochure is available in 24 languages to inform workers about their rights and where to find help in case of suspected exploitation. A multilingual advisory service for seasonal workers also combats exploitation of labour.

In addition to Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Nepalese and Thai, the Working in Finland booklet is published in 17 other languages too. The booklet is available in the most important languages, whose speakers usually need a permission when they come to Finland for work.

The Working in Finland brochure is published by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Advisory service helps victims of exploitation

An advisory service for seasonal workers also combats exploitation of labour. The service for seasonal workers and other workers from abroad is intended for those looking for information on the terms of employment in Finland and those who suspect they have been exploited. Workers are advised on matters such as lawful terms of employment, living conditions and hygiene standards, and available legal remedies. With the worker’s permission, the matter can also be transferred to an authority for further investigation. 

The service provides advice in Russian, English, Finnish and Swedish over the phone and by instant messaging. If necessary, an interpreter is provided for other languages.

Videos also combat exploitation

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has produced two videos explaining the rules of working life in Finland, in order to prevent the exploitation of labour and human trafficking, and to provide information on where to seek help if necessary. 

In particular, the videos are intended for people fleeing Ukraine who can apply for temporary protection. The Ministry posts the videos on its social media channels, but its partners are welcome to share them too. 

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