Five tips for effective job search


Did you start the new year without a job? Job search is a skill you can learn. In this news article, we have compiled some tips to help you achieve your goals.

Customise your CV and application text

Read the job posting carefully. In your CV, highlight skills and experiences relevant to the job in question. Also mention courses or projects from your training that have taught you something useful, in terms of the open position. If you have previously worked in similar tasks, explain how your previous work experience supports the task you are currently applying for. Explain why you would be suitable and what you can offer the organisation. A personalised application arouses the employer's interest and demonstrates your dedication.

Strengthen your networks

Utilise social media, especially LinkedIn, to expand your networks. Be active in groups in your field and participate in discussions. Many events, seminars, and workshops offer opportunities for networking and getting to know other professionals in the field. Seek opportunities for mentoring as it can provide valuable guidance and advice.

Update your skills

Stay up-to-date and regularly update your skills. Today, online courses are available on a variety of topics, including programming, marketing and project management. In some fields certificates are highly valued, so you might want to consider acquiring one. Participation in various webinars and events can provide fresh perspectives and up-to-date information on your field.

Create and publish a job applicant profile

At Job Market Finland, you can automate your job search with a job applicant profile. In the profile, you can introduce yourself, describe your competence, and list your education and work experience. Based on the information you have provided, you can get suggestions for jobs that are suitable for you. When you publish your job applicant profile, employers interested in your competence can contact you.

Take advantage of free services

Different services help you find a job in different life situations. At the beginning of your job search, you may need to develop your job search skills, so group job search coaching or personal job coaching may then be useful. Work try-out allows you to familiarise yourself with a new field. It can also support your return to working life after a long absence.

If you need to update your competence or you plan training for a new field, Labour market training or Recruitment training may be a good option. Vocational guidance and career planning, training counselling and career coaching provide assistance in considering educational and career options.

If you have been unemployed for a longer period of time, you may be entitled to pay subsidy. For more information on pay subsidy, contact a specialist at the TE Office or the local government pilot. The right to pay subsidy should be mentioned to the employer.

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