If your service period ends and you do not have a job lined up, remember to register as a job seeker


If you do not have a job lined up immediately after completing your service, register as a job seeker at the TE Office. You can register as a job seeker already before your service ends and inform us of your first day of unemployment in advance. Remember that if you register as a job seeker only after the end of your service period, your entitlement to unemployment security starts from the date of registration at the earliest.

Register as a job seeker

The easiest way to register as a job seeker is in the E-services of TE Services. If you do not have online banking codes, a mobile certificate, or a smart ID card, you can register as a job seeker using an online form, the telephone service, or at the TE Office's premises.

Report all your employment relationships from the last two years, as well as other employment relationships and education information relevant to your job search. Your job search will start as soon as you have answered the questions in the online service and submitted the information. After submitting your reply, you will receive instructions on how to continue. Be prepared to present your diplomas and employment certificates, as well as a certificate specifying the length of your service.


Apply for unemployment security

You can apply for unemployment benefits either from your own unemployment fund or from Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. In order to be entitled to unemployment security, your job search has to be valid. The waiting period begins only after you have started your job search. You will not receive unemployment allowance for the duration of the waiting period.

Look for employment independently

After registering as a job seeker, you will be included when we look for suitable candidates for open positions advertised at the TE Office. However, having been registered as a job seeker is no replacement for your own active efforts to find employment. In other words, start applying for jobs before your service ends or immediately thereafter.

As an unemployed job seeker, follow the agreement you made with the TE Office

In the employment plan you have agreed on the goals of your job search, your own duties and the required services. By acting as agreed in the plan and reporting any changes in your job search situation, you will ensure that you will receive unemployment allowance and find a job as quickly as possible.

You can contact your expert via the E-services of TE Services. There you can also view all your open tasks. From the personal customer's general counseling service, you can get help with topics related to employment, handling matters with TE Services, the use of online services, and, if necessary, get follow-up guidance on other services suitable for you.