Do you need help in finding an employee?


Job Market Finland provides information for various recruitment situations and also advice on how to get help in finding an employee.

Finding an employee in Job Market Finland

Log in to Job Market Finland and browse jobseekers suitable for your positions. If you want to receive direct suggestions of suitable jobseekers, create a job advertisement. In you advertisement, you can describe the type of skills you are looking for or set requirements for jobseekers’ level of education or linguistic skills. Through Job Market Finland, you can also contact attractive jobseekers. If you cannot find any suitable candidates, you can edit your job advertisement.

If you want to offer work as a household, you can create a job advertisement in Job Market Finland as a household employer and find an employee that way. As a household, you can employ a personal assistant, cleaner or renovator, for example. 

Does your company need a specialist?

If you have positions that require rare or special skills, finding a suitable employee can be difficult. Focus on your job advertisement and consider how your requirements attract jobseekers, not rule them out.

Have you considered other employment options?

You can hire an employee, but in place of a conventional recruitment process, you can also buy or commission work from another entrepreneur or professional. You can also use leased employees.

Finding an employee from another country

If your company requires an international skillset, and you cannot find what you are looking for in Finland, you should seek an employee or trainee from another country. However, remember that you may need a separate permit to hire a foreign employee.

Do you need services and financial support for recruitment?

You can also train an employee whom you would like to hire but who does not have the skills required. For example, apprenticeship, recruitment or employment training or pay subsidies may be helpful.

Pay subsidies offer financial support for recruitment: jobseekers need help in finding a job and you need help in finding an employee.

Work ability coordinators from TE Services can also find solutions for your organisation’s employee shortage.