Service Designer


Service designers shape the services offered by companies, and public services provided by local authorities and the central government, to be more user-oriented. They also improve the service experience and customer experience. Their tasks include data collection, analysis, ideation and planning. They work in design agencies and companies in the service sector. The work requires competence in service design, user-oriented thinking, creativity and cooperation skills.

Companies in the design and service sector. Design and consultancy offices. Municipalities. The state. As an entrepreneur.

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Service designers have to master the theories, methods and tools of service design. They have to be able to analyse the object of design comprehensively, with foresight and taking several factors into account. The work requires brainstorming skills, innovativeness and design competence.

User-oriented thinking is necessary, as the service must meet the needs and expectations of its users, which is why it is also necessary to understand the user experience. A customer-oriented approach is required, as it is important to understand the needs of service companies and actors in the public sector that provide work.

This work requires an ability to model and simulate user experiences and develop prototypes. Knowledge of usability, marketing and business are also required. Service designers need to have problem-solving skills and an ability to manage processes and projects. The work requires interaction skills and teamwork skills, as well as an independent approach to work.

Language skills and knowledge of different cultures are needed. Further training and being aware of developments in one’s own field are necessary.

Those working as entrepreneurs also need competence related to taxation, budgeting and counting.

You can study service design in the field of culture at universities of applied sciences, and complete a Bachelor of Culture and Arts degree. In addition, you can study service design in the fields of tourism and service business (Bachelor of Hospitality Management), communication (Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Media and Arts), business administration studies (Bachelor of Business Administration) or information processing studies (Bachelor of Business Administration).

You can study design at universities. A lower university degree is a bachelor’s degree in art, and a higher university degree is a master’s degree in art.

Other education programmes also include studies in service design. Training in service design is also available as courses.

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The salary of a service designer is based on a collective agreement that depends on the employer’s sector. The salary usually consists of a salary component based on the requirements of the position and a personal salary component based on work performance and competence.

For entrepreneurs, the level of earnings depends on the profitability of the business.