Get tailored summer job suggestions with the job applicant profile at Job Market Finland


February is coming to an end, which means that the busiest time for advertising summer job vacancies is starting to be over. If you did not get a summer job yet, there is no need to give up! New vacancies will still open up all throughout the spring. You can get suggestions for suitable jobs when you create and publish a job applicant profile at Job Market Finland.

There are many ways to apply for a summer job. One way is to use the Job Market Finland search function to look for summer job vacancies. In addition to job postings, you should also keep an eye out for hidden jobs: you could find one by sending an open job application to a company that interests you, even if they have not posted any open positions.

If you are in secondary school or upper secondary school and aged over 13, you can ask an employer that interests you whether they take summer employees with the ‘Earn as You Learn’ model (‘Tutustu työelämään ja tienaa’). The Earn as You Learn traineeships last two weeks.

Make your job search easier

Traditional ways of searching for a job can sometimes feel like a lot of work. You can make your job search easier by creating and publishing a job applicant profile at Job Market Finland. This way, you can get suggestions for jobs that suit your skills, work experience and preferences.

Once you have logged in to Job Market Finland and answered a few basic questions, you get access to a tab where you can fill in three separate sections.

  • In the Knowledge and skills section, you can describe your skills and the work you would like as well as your language skills and professional qualifications.
  • In the Introduction section, you can share any information about yourself, the date when you are free to start a new job and in which region you are primarily looking for work.
  • In the Work experience and education section, you can add your work and study history. You can specify which work experience you want to emphasise when looking for new jobs.

We recommend filling in as many details as possible in the job applicant profile to get suggestions that are as relevant as possible. Jobs that could be just right for you will appear on the Job recommendations tab. If you are a young jobseeker who still has little to no work experience, you should use the job applicant profile to highlight the skills and achievements you have acquired in school, hobbies or volunteering.

Employers who have posted vacancies at Job Market Finland will similarly get recommendations of jobseekers who are a good match for their jobs. Be sure to keep an eye on your email, because employers’ contact requests will be sent there.

Like for all employment relationships, a written employment contract is strongly recommended for summer jobs. In an employment contract, you and your employer agree on at least the duration of the employment relationship, working hours, pay and work tasks. Remember to also ask your employer for a certificate of employment when your summer job comes to an end.

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